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Has there been an update on guidance from BSA about in-person activites?

Hello there,

I have tried looking and the last update I have seen published is dated 4/13 for “in-person activities”. I am looking to see if there has been any new updates from BSA with guidance for allowing in-person activities again. Our state is rolling our Phase 1 and state parks and trails reopening. Our Troop is looking into the possibility of doing a campout over Memorial weekend but we want to make sure we are within BSA rules/regulations. If anyone has more current BSA information they can point me in the direct I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi, @TracyBabington. Most individual councils are providing guidance specific to their areas. MY recommendation would be to reach out to either your District Executive, or possibly via your unit commissioner, to see if they are aware of what the latest guidance from your council is.

The council where I am has a series of letters from our Scout Exec posted directly on our homepage.

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Thank you I will search our Council information to see what I find and reach out to them.

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