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Have all adult positions set in my.scouting and flow to Scoutbook

Then when items move in the future like activities, there isn’t a disconnect.


Unless you want to restrict leaders except the COR restricted to one position per unit, this is not possible. For example, I know multiple packs where the treasurer (a committee position) is also a Den Leader. Since the BSA only allows the COR to hold multiple registered positions, this would prevent units that cannot otherwise get enough leaders from listing these positions in Scoutbook.

Also, functional roles on the committee such as Secretary, Treasurer, Outdoor/Activities Chair, etc. are not tracked by the BSA. These all have the position code of MC for Committee Member.

You would first have to get the BSA to record all functional roles in mmy.scouting.org and allow an individual to be registered with multiple positions before Scoutbook could be updated.

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What I am suggesting is that BSA should record all functional roles in my.scouting.org without allowing multiple positions.

Well, a person isn’t “allowed” to have 2 roles, so that fixes that part. If a unit choses to break the rules, based on a need or what not, that is up to them.

I guess “we” need to stop differentiating between the BSA (my.scouting) and Scoutbook. Even if “the BSA” doesn’t care to track positions like Treasurer or Outdoor/Activities Chair, it doesn’t mean it can’t be in their database.

It could be handled a lot like Scoutmaster is handled now. I think I could be “given” additional roles in Scoutbook, but the “real one” that flows from my.scouting is Scoutmaster.

I don’t know if it is as stark as you describe it.


You will need to make your suggestion via myscouting@scouting.org. We do not have a channel to provide suggestions like this.

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