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Having trouble creating reports

I set up a new leader, and they are having trouble creating Pack Reports. It doesn’t even give them the option to. Is there something with their credentials that’s keeping them from being able to access the reports?

first guess - is the leaders position APPROVED (Green Shield)

Yes. It has a green check

Is the Leader using their (MyST) credentials? Does the BSA Member ID used in Scoutbook match the one on their profile in Member Manager in

What permissions does the new leader have, @PeytonCapps? Some reports still require (IIRC) Full Control access to run. Others only require View Profile or View Advancement.

Specifically, what reports are you referring to?

Any time they click on reports a pop up come up that says “reports unavailable”

From the pack page and then clicking pack reports immediately gives you that message?

What is their position?

Yes, that is correct. He is the membership coordinator, committee member and pack admin

There might be some kind of connection issue. Try:

  1. Going to the Pack Roster page.
  2. Click on his name.
  3. Click on his Pack Admin role.
  4. Click Update.

This should reset his Pack Admin connections to all Scouts in the pack.

That did not work!

This is the message.

@PeytonCapps if it would help I can setup a screenshare to see if it can be figured out

That sounds good to me!

ok I will direct message you - you will see it top right corner at the avatar @PeytonCapps

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