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Having Trouble Signing In To My Scouting.org

I have taken YPT twice now. The first time it told me I wasn’t signed-in so it wasn’t legit. How could I take it if not signed in? Waste of time. Took it again. Said I cannot print up the certificate for 24 hours. What??? Now I try to go back in and it says I’m not logging in correctly. Tried several times only to receive a warning I will be locked out after 4 more tries. Anyone else having issues? My computer signs me in automatically so remembering anything different about my login is not happening. I’m so busy…makes me annoyed this is another issue with Scouts I’m having.


Did you try Forgot Password on the login screen?

I did not. That’s where it was giving me trouble. I’m wondering if my membership expired. Working on it. Thanks!

Sorry. I DID. It wasn’t allowing me to get info. It would take my Username and then a box said DONE. I never got to reset a password or get one sent to my email.

Pam - check with your local council, they have a local resource who can help you.

There was a technical issue yesterday (9/7) afternoon causing problems. IDG was notified and my testing showed it was resolved. See if it works now.