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Health Care Professions MB Question

If a scout has earned the now retired medicine merit badge then earns the new healthcare professions merit badge, will they just put two of the same emblem on their sashes?

No, I don’t think so. It is considered an update to the badge. But it is a good question for national. I will ask.

I would say yes - as they are VERY different MBs with different knowledge learned - this is not a revised Medicine MB to me

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Here is the reply I received from national:

No, Scout can either complete the requirements for the medicine merit badge if they have already started on it or start on the Health Care profession merit badge.


Garfield S. Murden
National Director, Scouts BSA
Pilots & Program Development


Mr. Murden hasn’t answered the question. If a Scout has earned the Medicine MB (or will earn it because they’ve already started it), and then decides to also earn the Health Care Profession MB, s/he should be able to wear a MB patch for each. If the 2 patches happen to look the same, then s/he should wear 2 of them. That’s only fair, the sash should represent the badges earned.

Respectfully disagree. Mr. Murden clearly said no. He further clarified this is an either/or situation; either the Scout gets the Medicine merit badge, or the new Healthcare Professionals merit badge, not both.

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What he said was the Scout cannot earn both. The Scout either earns Medicine or Heath Care.
Health Care is being treated as un update to Medicine MB.


It seems clear to me… it is either one or the other and not both.


News we are hearing now is a Scout can earn both as they are pretty different - we are requesting an official release

That’s what I was driving at - they are not the same merit badge. They are as different as Computers and Digital Technology, which can both be earned.

I just did a test and I was able to award a scout both the medicine and health care badge. If you still can not earn both, I recommend that scoutbook not allow both to be worked on.

There is a new announcement here:


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