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Health forms and what is an “activity”

So quick question. I was under the impression the form A & B is needed for events less than 72 hours. It states needed for “Scout activities”, not just weekend camping. So is a troop weekly meeting considered an activity? I understand service projects or hiking, but would a troop weekly meeting or a PLC meeting considered a Scout activity? Only ask because a notice just went out to the troop that not having a current health A & B as of a certain date, your Scout can’t attend troop meetings.

@JosephFlynn1 hard to say as we are not in your troop committee meetings? maybe they instituted a policy to encourage getting the forms in? Talk to the Key3 perhaps


In principle, a medical emergency could occur at a troop meeting, so I can see a reasonable interpretation being that every person attending (not just Scouts!) needs to have a current AHMR Part A & B.


My troops have the policy: need the AHMR with at least A&B even for scout meeting - (Exceptions for visitors and new scouts for a a little while).


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