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Help a Scout Earn the Silver Hornaday Award

Hi all!
The following is from my son. It has already been approved by our council risk management team, and has been promoted by National on their Commissioner Facebook Page.

You can report results at:

Be aware that in the next update he is going to recommend wearing a mask as well, in accordance with new CDC guidelines.

1,000,000 Pieces of Trash
A Hornaday Award/Summit Award Project
Coordinated by John-Aaron Bozanic
Crew 774, Orange County Council, California

As a nation, we are experiencing what I perceive to be the most widespread and debilitating event to impact our country during my lifetime… the COVID-19 pandemic, and associated quarantine in place recommendations. This virus has impacted all of us, just not here in the United States, but globally. Schools and non-essential businesses closed down, concern and uncertainty in the face of economic slowdowns, looming fears of all enveloping disease felling broad swaths of our community.

Boy Scouts of America and other youth organization activities have essentially been frozen. Various national, state, and local health and governmental bodies have recommended or mandated limiting group meeting sizes to a few as ten persons. While many councils are encouraging virtual meetings to promote fellowship and advancement, my opinion is that this is merely a placeholder, an excuse to keep Scouts treading water until the situation changes.

Scouting should be bigger than this. Scouting IS bigger than this!

In times of emergencies, Scouts have the training and knowledge to step in and help. Sometimes we help directly, by providing first aid and other care. Other times we support local services and communities with tasks like directing traffic or distributing water. This is a time when we should be helping.

We cannot directly do anything about the virus, or its spread. Apart from handwashing recommendations and limiting contact with others, our options are limited. But we can still promote mental health in this stressful time, by providing a purpose to the youth (and adults) in our country.

Pollution and ecological health is a continuing challenge facing mankind. We have a unique opportunity to improve this. While large meetings are eschewed, while many people are idle because of school or business closures, we all have the ability to make a difference. Let’s get out and clean our neighborhoods, our parks, and our wilderness areas!

It has been shown time and again that stress levels can be reduced by providing individuals with a sense of purpose. Being outdoors has also been shown to help. Too many people are feeling despondent and shut in, staying in their homes, wondering what the future will bring. Let’s solve that NOW! We HAVE a purpose, and we CAN be outdoors!


Hi all!
We would appreciate it if you would all spread news of this project to your units, districts, and councils.
The more support, the better!
Thank you!

Can we get an update?

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Hi Gina!
John-Aaron has been posting updates weekly on his Facebook page, “1,000,000 Pieces of Trash”.

That said, here are the latest numbers:
135,440 Pieces
18,119 Pounds
1,077 Volunteers
2,387 Hours

Thank you for your interest!!

I posted an update for you. I hope you have been able to have youth in your unit help with the project. Thank you!

100000 Pieces of Trash v10 Missing States.pdf (280.9 KB)