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Help awarding Palms to recently aged out Eagles?

I have 3 Eagles that have recently aged out of the program. 2 have rechartered as Asst Scoutmasters.
I need to update their records to show that they earned their Eagle Palms and even though I can show their Advancement Reports and the section where Palms are noted, whenever I click on the Palm link, Scoutbook zaps me right back to my Dashboard. How can I make sure these scouts are awarded their Palms!?

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Were the Eagle Palms marked as Completed and Approved prior to their accounts being converted to adult accounts?

No, they were not. 1 scout simply turned 18 and then did not recharter. The other 2 both turned 18 and then rechartered as adults when the troop rechartered.

This whole process is somewhat confusing and it just wasn’t on my radar screen. They are the first scouts we’ve had age out of the troop since we switched over to Scoutbook.

This would be a similar situation if you were using Internet Advancement instead of Scoutbook. The Scout who turned 18 but did not recharter would be dropped from the troop’s roster at recharter time. The other two would be converted to adults.

I would recommend contacting your council Registrar and finding out the best way to get the Palms added to their record.

Yeah, I’m sure it probably would but I’d still be new at that also! We haven’t had any age out in at least 3, maybe 4 years! Just didn’t know what to do. But, I’m on top of the next group coming up.

I will check with my Council tomorrow and see what they say.

Thank you for your help!

My guess is that you will need to fill out a paper Unit Advancement Report for them, and I think your council Registrar can add them to their record for you. Here is a link to the form:

Thanks! I’ll report back what the outcome is.