Help deleting a pending account


Our Advancement Chair’s SB account was initially created with a misspelled email address. She’s been using the account for quite a while. Somewhere along the way, someone “helpfully” tried to create her a new account with the correctly spelled email. Now that the Advancement Chair is trying to correct her email address in her account, she’s getting an error message that the email address is already associated with a different, pending account.

I cannot find that pending account so I cannot delete it. Help?


Margaret Kalb

@MargaretKalb I am looking in to this.

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@MargaretKalb This should be fixed now.

Thank you! I’ll ask our AC to update her email to the correct spelling.

Her e-mail should already be updated. Please verify that everything is spelled correctly.

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It looks correct to me. Thank you! I have pinged her to double-check but I think we’re good.

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