Help Merging BSA Numbers


I have a couple of adults with issues.

Pack 920
(do not post names)
135553248- she wants to merge to this one, if possible

Troop 298
(do not post names) - she wants to use the account associated with her full name,as she cant get logged in properly with other account.

(do not post names) - He is currently a leader in P920 and is now a new parent in T298 with crossover. He can’t see the calendar in T298 only P920. I don’t think he is fully connected in T298? Maybe he has two different BSA numbers?

Thank you so much!

Amber Mendoza
Pack 920 Committee Chair
Troop 298 Committee Member

12339684 is not a good number

the 2nd one is fixed though you put a wrong number
the 3rd one is fine - probably not used to seeing it as a parent

When she logs in it says someone else has this email. and it also shows her previous council. She doesn’t have complete control over her den to contact and enter advancements. My Scoutbook end shows her as the Den Leader and Den Admin though.

@AmberMendoza you have to say which user has issues? There are a number in this thread

The 2nd one, in her son’s account, it is showing both of her accounts. Is there any way to remove the one bad account?

3rd one- He isn’t able to access T298 calendar. I have had scouts in both of the same units for the last couple years. I just recently became a leader at T298 but before that, I was able to see both in my account.

Thanks so much for your help!!

Oh, sorry, I thought it was responding directly to your response. I received two separate responses from you. 135553248

136702483 is listed twice on her son’s account
134326758 can’t see calendar

The first 2 are fixed - the 3rd one probably does not have the calendar turned on - they need to click gear top right in calendar and turn it on

136702483 will be so excited!! Thank you!
134326758 oh, good to know to ask that next time! That was it!!
135553248 ok, we are still having issues with this one. In my Scoutbook, she is showing all the correct positions and in the correct council. On her end, she can only connect to two scouts and she is showing in her previous council in my.scouting with the correct BSA number. I tried to connect her manually to each scout and that wouldn’t take on her end either.
also, i tried to add her to the den to see if that would automatically connect her but it didn’t. so can you remove 12345692 attached to her

That is her old BSA # - her Circle 10 is 13802365 - I have cleaned it up

I may need you to also remove the second account for 13802365 from our roster. (The last invite I mentioned.)

I might be able to do it…I see one of my options is to delete the account but since it’s still tied to her same email I didn’t want to do it in case it deleted her entire Scoutbook account. WIll it just delete that one specific and not her entire profile? Thank you for your help!

I do not understand what you need. 13802365 is her Circle 10 registration.

Ok, I’m sorry. She is listed twice on our roster. The second one doesn’t have her BSA number or anything. It was just an invite to connect I had sent her before as a test. Am I able to delete that second one safely without removing her completely since they are tied to the same email account?

@AmberMendoza I found it and fixed it

Thank you so much for all of your help!! I appreciate all the time you spent!

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