Help -- Merging two member IDs

Is it possible to merge the two following Member IDs?

7417729 – Suffolk County Council
14354758 – Simon Kenton Council (keep this one as primary!!)?

I joined the OA, earned my Eagle, and spent some time as Scoutmaster under Member ID 7417729. I’ll be Cubmaster of my kids’ pack under Member ID 14354758. I’ll be getting my uniform put together within a couple weeks, and paying my dues to get my lodge flap for my local OA lodge, so it will just be so much easier to have everything under 14354758.

Thanks, and YiS,

Chris Weydig

If both accounts have the same name and DOB on them, you should be able to manage them both at my.scouting by going to Manage Member ID on the landing page and adding the “old” number onto the “current” one as a secondary ID. If you have training that you need to transfer, that should happen over 24-48 hours after the numbers are put under management.

You already have the numbers under management - I will merge SB Users

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