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Help! Our Charter Org Rep has gone AWOL

Our charter org rep has gone AWOL since the beginning of the pandemic and now we’re unable to approve leader applications. Can anybody recommend what we do next? It appears that pretty much everybody in our local Kiwanis chapter has gone incommunicado because they’re all elderly and not very tech savvy so aren’t responding to emails, text messages or even phone calls. I can’t stop by the office or club and knock on the door to get their attention because the club is shut down and nobody is there. And I don’t personally have home addresses for any of them. Multiple emails to our district director haven’t produced any solutions, and every time I try to shake something loose, people get sidetracked on other BSA business so my efforts die. Any suggestions for what to do next? Gotta get this solved soon.

Honestly if you didn’t have a good enough relationship with your COR that he was only a phone call away, you’re probably in trouble. You could always go to Google and get to the White pages and find addresses for them. But honestly I would prepare myself to find a new charter org that is more prepared to be able work with your troop and will have a better relationship with the troop.

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It looks like you are a unit Key 3. If this is correct, you should be able to log in at my.scouting and use the Roster tool to look up phone numbers and addresses.

Try contacting the Chartered Org. Rep. first. If that doesn’t work, then try contacting the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer can also approve leader applications.


Is there someone at a regional level within Kiwanis that you can reach out to? (You may need to poke around their web site to find a contact.) Explain that the local club charters your unit and that you have not been able to contact anybody. The regional person should know if the club is still operating, and how to contact the people in that club. When I was a unit committee chair, I always knew it was important when my district exec would reach out to me, and I suspect that people in Kiwanis will probably respond similarly.


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