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Help ticket submission form

Request that an online form be created to submit help tickets. I am often working on computers where I don’t have access to my Scouting email and find items I need to submit help tickets for. The most common one is either the merger of two accounts, or deletion of Scout accounts that were created incorrectly and once the registration comes through, they don’t merge.

It would seem to me that this could be advantageous to the support staff, as it would ensure that all of the required data is submitted, and that it could be used to help facilitate the flow of tickets on their end.

There is one at

@DonovanMcNeil This is a start. There should be a link to it on almost every page so that people know it exists and can find it.

This form still just submits a large freeform data field. What I had in mind is more in line with actual fields where you can select your “problem” from a dropdown which will determine the data that needs to be submitted. I encounter this a lot with other sites/software. For example in terms of a user merge, it could ask you for the UserId to keep, the UserId being merged, and a reason for the merge.

Yes I find that when I email help, they are helpful but its a day or so later and when they reply im at work tied up and its then a day or two before I get back to the problem. Most of my bugs have been with transfer scouts.

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