Help with new parents and the Scoutbook Invite

Please help. We are inviting a lot of new parents to scoutbook and some are having a lot of trouble with the directions in the invitation working.

  1. Exactly WHERE do they go to use the credentials?
  2. Exactly what do they choose…LOGIN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  3. And do they need to be careful to use ALL THE SAME INFO as when they registered their son or daughter - especially the email address? or does that not matter as long as they have the right credentials?

I think they need to create an account, then when you get to the place that says, “use BSA credentials” you use the stuff in the invitation. Is that correct?

Thank you for your help, this confusion is causing me massive headaches.

And now to ADD to that…I have parents who have chosen to “connect with google” …and now cannot see their scout…what do I do about that?

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