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Help With Scouter.com, Please?

Would someone with connections please let admins at Scouter.com that new accounts don’t seem to be going through?

Neither my spouse, nor I received system emails to finish account creation. I also filled out the contact form there, but have seen no action taken.

Not blocked, nor going to spam…

Thanks in advance for any help!

Scouter Rob

aka InquisitiveScouter at Scouter.com

Scouter.com is not a BSA web site.

I think that @ScouterRob was looking for another scouter who is already on scouter.com who could reach out to the admins there, rather than necessarily implying that it was a BSA site that should be getting support here. The admin contact for scouter.com is kinda locked down for non-members.

I think @Qwazse may be a member, @ScouterRob. Unfortunately, with PM’s locked-down here, it’s hard to message another user directly…Oh, well. Nothing’s perfect, and if it was, somebody would probably find a way to complain about that, too. :laughing:

ETA: Fixed a typo that had changed my intended meaning.

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Thanks, Charley!

You perceive rightly :slight_smile:


Scouter Rob

@ScouterRob - there seems to be a facebook group for them as well

Thanks, Stephen!

Went there and sent a message, as well…


Scouter Rob

I’m not an admin there, but I’ll be happy to try and convey whatever when I get time behind a device that can read the thread. (I’m replying by Email, which is only showing Charley and Ed’s posts. The browser on my hand-held renders this forum’s posts as whitespace.)

@Qwazse - just to clarify it seems that new user accounts at scouter.com are not processed properly so not sure if they are running php for account creation but something is not completing.

I PM’d the moderators with this link. Hope it helps.

Awesome, @Qwazse !!

Thanks so much for the assist!

Scouter Rob

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