Help! WSJ registration has me rather than my Scout listed

I need some help. My Scout is going to the World Scout Jamboree but the registration is coming up as me with all my information and ID#. The contingent leader told me to change it in my.scouting, but I am not able to determine how. I need some help from someone familiar with to swap the registration (which of course is closed, likely making it harder to do from a user end). I have the registration ID


I suggest contacting you council for assistance with this matter.

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Registrations cannot be switched in Events. You registered under your ID not your Scouts. You would need to cancel the first one and register the Scout, but I think it may be closed. You can try emailing


Did that they can’t help. Thanks


Your council should be able to open a national member care ticket detailing your issue.


may i ask who you are that you are so definitive about it not being able to be switched? i actually think this was a BSA mistake.

thank you . I hope they do open a national member care ticket to deal with this.

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