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Heroism Award Status

Is there a way to check on the status of an application for a Heroism Award? Would we follow up with District or Council? Thanks!

I would recommend following-up with your council, rather than the district. I believe the council has to review and either approve (for certificate/medal of merit) or forward to national for consideration and approval (for honor medal/medal with crossed palms) any applications. I’m not aware of any district-level action on the lifesaving awards.

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Perfect. Does anyone know the standard timeline?

it can take several months

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I’m not aware that there is a standard timeline. I believe that nominations must occur within a certain timeframe following the events leading to the nomination, but I’m not aware of a specified schedule for council/national action on the nomination other than “timely”. I suspect recent reductions in staffing by both councils and national BSA will impact the review timeline, but that’s strictly guesswork on my part.

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That makes sense. I know the pack wanted to honor him if Council or National declined. We’ll just wait to hear. Thanks!

Honor them for the action now regardless, if you feel it worthy of honoring. If you wait it could seem like you don’t recognize good actions in a timely manner and that could come across badly to some.

Then if they earn the big award you can do it again and use it to stress Scouting ideals all over again. It’s the fundamental of reinforcing something positive to help a kid learn.

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