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High Adventure Health Form

Our troop is transitioning to using Scoutbook to record the completion dates for all our scouts and parent health forms. As of now, there is no field to record the date of a “high-adventure” certification (an optional part of Form C).

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this, or is the Scoutbook development team already aware and planning to add this field?


There are profile fields for both parts A/B and part C.

You have to access the Scout’s profile from the roster page, not your family page to record this data.

You can use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox to record the dates for multiple Scouts at one time.

Hi Ed -

Thanks for your quick reply and for the PDF about the browser extension - that will be a big help.

However I’m still trying to figure out how to independently note the completion date for the “high adventure” certification, which is an optional item that is, unfortunately, buried within Form C (it’s the last on the list of “true/false” statements the provider must answer). It applies to scouts/adults going to any of the four high-adventure bases (Philmont, Northern Tier, etc) and requires that the medical provider advise the participant about extra risks and certify that they are medically authorized to go. This used to be called “Form D” and had its own field in TroopMaster Web.

Because only a few events require this certification by a doctor, and the form must be filled out relative to a specific high-adventure trip, most scouts in our troop do not have it. For those times when it comes up, it would be very helpful to have Scoutbook be able to track who’s got their certification and who doesn’t.

Thanks for any further input you or others on the user advisory council have about this particular subset of Form C.




I just looked at the health forms forms for Sea Base, Philmont and Northern Tier. There is no part D. There is a 1 or 2 page risk advisory but it does not get signed by a doctor. The Part C medical form has a question asking the doctor if the risk advisory was reviewed with the patient.

Hi Ed -

Thanks again for your prompt response. As I said before, the high adventure certification is buried within form C (it used to be a separate form D) - but it is there! Look at the very last question in the list of true/false questions on form C - this is the high-adventure certification where the doctor must indicate that s/he has reviewed the risk advisory for that base with the participant.

As the health forms coordinator for our troop, I have no way to tell which scouts have turned in a High Adventure certification and which have turned in a Form C without high-adventure certification (all 60+ scouts in our troop complete form C every year).

It would be very helpful to have a “High-Adventure” field (or even one for each Base, since they each have their own distinct certification requirements). If that isn’t practical, could there be some sort of free-text “Other Information” field within the profile, so that authorized members of the troop could fill in a comment such as “Sea Base Certification 4/30/19”?

I hope the above is helpful in clarifying my question about this! I don’t think the decision to bury the high-adventure certification within form C was a particularly good one, but that’s the way the BSA health forms work.

Thanks again,


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I’ll add it to the backlog but I doubt we will see any changes for the foreseeable future as this will not be viewed as a critical change.

No worries, I understand the need to triage and appreciate you putting this on the list. I hope now that BSA is expecting everyone to use this system, that the support team gets expanded. It’s a big job - your work is appreciated!