High adventure issue? - Scout account not found

We are working with our troop to get my scout signed up for his first high adventure. However, the adult leader getting people signed up is getting an response along the lines of “My.scouting account not found”.
It says the scout does not have an account for Member ID xxxxxx.
I had seen a similar topic from a few years ago, but I did not seen a resolution to it.
So does my scout need his own acccount? Separate from the log in I have used for him for years? Is there some other issue? He’s been in the troop for almost a year and we don’t have other account issues.

First question: are they listed in your unit’s my.scouting roster? Not just ScoutBook.

For the Jamboree we needed to have each Scout confirm they had a my.scouting login, so maybe it is the same for HA?

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I think so, but I’ll confirm.

So separate account needed. Ok, annoying but whatever.

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

This will help

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Maybe? I’m not sure. The benefit is their parent could turn on Scoutbook access for them too and it would be the same account.

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