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Hiking/Camping/Service Log Purpose for Cub Scouts

Is there any purpose for Cub Scouts to log hiking/camping/service hours in Scoutbook, other than to keep a record for the individual? I know that these logs are used for Boy Scouts and count towards awards. I am not aware of any awards available to Cub Scouts, unless there are council-specific awards in some areas. Am I missing something?

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Yes, you are missing something. But you have lots of company.

Our pack has a hiking club with awards to be earned.

The National Outdoor Awards counts all activities “under the auspices of” BSA, so Cub Scout hiking, camping, and service count.

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Thank you for the response. After following the link you provided to the National Outdoor Awards, I don’t see where these awards are open to Cub Scouts. The first requirement in all the initial awards is to “earn First Class Rank”.

Our pack does not have a hiking club, so that is a great idea and something I will look into.

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No they are not open to Cubs but those items when done as a cub count toward the awards.

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We have a “Cub Coup” that keeps track of hikes and campouts. Give it a whirl.

Cub Coup information sheet.pdf (234.1 KB)

I didn’t know they had those at Naish! My son will have to go into the trading post. He’s completed all the awards. Do you know what documentation is required? Will Scoutbook work?

@ShelleyAlters - I do not exactly follow your post. Is your son in a pack, troop or crew? Which awards are you referring to?

Hiking, camping, water sports, etc… all should be tracked for the national out door award. They will receive it after first class but tracking started in cubscouts will help. Service hours are track and entered in https://servicehours.scouting.org/UI/Security/Login.aspx
Scoutbook and this website do not communicate so you have to enter it in both.

Shelly, we just did it with our pack. But you can get the beads at Naish–have to make the buckles yourself.

@PaulMcDonald - thanks for clearing that up… was not certain about her post.

Sorry–“Naish” is one of our council camps. they have a trading post there with beads and lanyards and slushies to sell. I worked with them to put together the “Cub Coup” information that I posted above.

Any pack can probably do as good or better with their local bead suppliers.

I know that I record the camping and service hours in for our Pack for the Journey to Excellence scoring when we re-charter.

Michelle Newman
Pack & Troop #355 - Beauregatd
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There is a Brian on Scouting were the guy who desinged the National Outdoor Activity award states what can be counted.

The NOAA award can only be earned as a Scout or Venturer, but the activities done while a Cub/Webelos count. There are award sections for camping, hiking, aquatics, riding, conservation, and adventure. I doubt a Pack level activity would be at the level for the adventure section, but all the others are just totals of time, nights, or miles. Just keep a log of all activities that are in those sections. Some activities will cover multiple sections, such as a camping trip with a hike.

There is a spreadsheet someone posted somewhere that is for a whole Troop. I find it difficult to use. I made a multi-sheet spreadsheet that I use to track my son’s activity.
All son needs at this point for the medal (no knot due to National policy) is a season on camp staff, Emerg Prep mb, and the Leave No Trace Trainer course. You will find that the LNTT course will be the most difficult requirement as it’s hard to find one.
And, yes, I went back and found out what he had done while in the Pack. Didn’t know about the award when we were in Cub Scouts. And it didn’t exist when I was in Scouts.

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Members in the Sea Scouts, BSA, program can also earn certain outdoor awards.

National Outdoor Awards Program

Programs > Scouts BSA > Advancement and Awards > National Outdoor Awards Program

Do you enjoy camping under the stars, rafting a whitewater river, or hitting the trail afoot, on a bike, or even on a horse? Can you pitch a tent, find your way, and bandage an ankle using only materials in your pack? Are you prepared to do any of these in rain, snow, sleet, or heat? If so, the National Outdoor Awards are for you. There is nothing virtual about these awards—you can earn them only by demonstrating knowledge and experience in the outdoors. So, if you are a member of Scouts BSA, Sea Scout, or Venturer, and think you are tough and disciplined enough to hike or ride the miles, camp the nights, run the rivers or lakes, or do the work to conserve the land, then read on and see if the National Outdoor badges or possibly the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement could be for you!


Application for, 430-041WB, 2015-MAY Revision, form

Requirement 1:

Earn the Boy Scout First Class rank or the Sea Scout Apprentice rank, or complete Venturing Ranger Award requirements 1 through 6.

Sorry, Bill. I use ‘Venturing’ as covering all the other post-Scout categories. Just like AOL is still ‘Webelos 2’ to me.
But, yes, anyone post-Pack level can earn the same thing. Easiest way to say it. Initial post was regarding Pack level access.
Happy holidays

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