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Hiking/Cycling showing for Star Rank

Hi, I have two Scouts - one is working on Life and under Star rank Scoutbook counted both Swimming and Hiking towards his Eagle required merit badges ( Hiking should be an elective). He did complete 3 others that are all showing up on his Life rank in Scoutbook, but one should really be his 4th Star rank Eagle required.

The other Scout is working on Star rank and Scoutbook shows Swimming and Cycling towards his Eagle required Merit Badges ( Cycling should be an elective). He completed two others, and Star rank shows Eagle merit badges completed for the rank, but he should really need one more.

Is there a way to show those "do this or this eagle badges as electives instead of as they are showing?


For Star and Life, any MB on the Eagle required list counts as Eagle required. Some become elective on the Eagle rank when a scout earns both of an either/or set.


If you look at the requirements it just says any eagle required badges. The options only become specific when going for eagle rank. That’s when they become electives.

The SUAC checked with the Scouts BSA Advancement folks. Scoutbook is properly crediting Merit Badges for Star and Life. The requirement says any MBs from the list of Eagle Required. A Scout can use Swimming, Cycling and Hiking for the Eagle Required MBs for Star and Life. For Eagle, only one can be used.

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