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Hking and Camping for Cub Scouts

I can’t add hiking or camping records for scouts other than my own sons. I’m Pack Admin in scoutbook as well as Advancement Chair and Den leader for one. In Scoutbook I click Activity Log and it takes me to IA. In there it says I’m Den Admin but still won’t let me add camping or hiking for any scouts. Only if I click that I’m the parent for one of my sons can I add it. What am I doing wrong?

Currently, IA logging is restricted to the Unit Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Org Rep), and anyone designated by one of the Key 3 as a Key 3 Delegate (K3D) or as Unit Advancement Chair (UAC) in the Organizational Security Manager (OSM) at my.scouting.org. These designations are functional roles, and expire with ever recharter season (i.e. must be reset after rechartering).

As a parent you can add things to the logs for your scout, but you can’t (I believe) Approve them in IA2.

Likely, you need one of your Key 3 to set you up as Unit Advancement Chair in the OSM.

I’ll bet you aren’t set up as the Advancement Chair in the my.scouting.org Organization Security Manager. That role resets every time your unit recharters.

You need to ask one of your Pack Key 3 to log in to my.scouting.org, open the Organization Security Manager, and set you as the Advancement Chair. Once that’s done, you should be able to see the activities for all the Scouts and registered leaders in your Pack.

Interesting. I just tried to do this in the OSM as Pack Committee Chair, and I do not see options to set someone as Advancement Chair.

I do believe you can set someone as Advancement Chair in Scoutbook, but I have no idea whether that translates to IA (my guess is not)

For me, we have a new Cubmaster (who is also serving as a MBC for the Troop). I’ve changed the information in Scoutbook, but the OSM still lists the previous Cubmaster and does not provide with an option to change to the new person. I would really prefer not to wait until recharter in December to make this change.


You can only set 1 person as Advancement Chair in Organization Security Manager. Does your pack already have someone assigned?

I don’t even see the position listed, let alone who is assigned.

What do you see when you open the OSM? Here’s what’s visible for my unit; you should be able to see the other positions, whether they’re filled or not.

Mine looks very different (had to bring it into Powerpoint to censor/remove PII…):

@BrendonHoch That looks like the Organization Manager. You are looking for the Organization Security Manager.

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Aha! That would explain why it looks different. Organization Security Manager is buried, but I found it. It did let me add an advancement chair (which was previously blank). But the system does not seem to want to let me change the name of the Cubmaster.

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The Organization Manager and Organization Security Manager should be right next to one another under your Cub Scout Pack links.

You can only use the Organization Security Manager to change functional roles (Unit Advancement Chair, Key 3 Delegates, etc.) – not registrations. In order to change your Cubmaster, you need to go through your council.

Please be aware that the functional roles in the OSM expire at the end of recharter and have to be redesignated every year after your council has processed your recharter.

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Expanding on this, if y’all just went through submittal of recharter (I know several councils are in the throes of it now), you might touch base with your registrar or DE to check on status of the recharter processing so you know how long it will be before your roster updates at my.scouting.

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For us, recharter happens in December (which is VERY inconvenient for the Cub Scout calendar). Technically, our Cubmaster resigned when her son moved on to the troop. It would be great to have an easy way to make changes online instead of going through council. Oh well…

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Yeah, the online registration system does not (yet?) accommodate transfers or changes of position. Those still require sending forms to council.

You might check with your registrar to see if they’re willing to accept scanned or PDF forms for adult position transfers. That might or might not work, depending on how your state/council handles the background check approval forms. If they require a wet-signature, that might be the hold-up for any new applicants (or renewals who didn’t already fill out the new form). If it works for them, that might speed things up versus having to actually convey paper forms to the council office.

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