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Hometown USA Award


I saw that the Keep America Beautiful Hometown USA Award was retired per 12/31/2020 on Scoutbook. I just completed the requirements as a youth in Sea Scouts and was wondering if youth can still earn the award until a certain date or if it is completely finished. Do any of you know?

It’s up to your Skipper. What might be more difficult is finding the patch at the Scout shop.

BSA Announcements

… discontinued 12/31/2020. Once the award is expired, those users who are in process of earning the award have until 12/31/21 to complete the requirements and earn the award.

Award history and resources

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So, I am guessing that as long as my Skipper is okay with it, I may complete the award’s requirements until the end of the 2021 year? Is there a clause that states that the award will go award and not be able to be earned after a given time since it says retired?

There is an official announcement by Michaela Monson in the Announcements sub-forum:

However, as I look into it further, this award is only for the Scouts BSA program. Have you aged out of the Scouts BSA program? If so, then I do not think you can earn it. But talk to your Skipper to be sure.

I have aged out of the Scouts BSA program but began the award while in the program, completing all of the merit badges needed but not the project. I just completed the service project while at SEAL, building a nature trail that will be used as an outdoor classroom at a university, so I was wondering if that met the requirements or not. The award states that I need to be a Scouts BSA member, but it also says that you have until the end of 2021 to complete it, so I am not sure whether or not I fit into that category. Thanks for all of the help on this matter!

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