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Honor patrol award

If a scout that earns the honor patrol star while a member of a patrol, changes troops or has to change patrols, do they need to remove the award? In other word, does the scout earn the award or does the patrol only?

Who Can Earn This Award?

Earned by Scouts BSA members who are members of a qualifying patrol. But they should not show this award on another unit / patrol designated uniform.

If I read this right, then if we need to consolidate patrols due to members leaving, some boys could lose their ability to display the award. Doesn’t that sound wrong to anyone else? This is why I question this.

What about letting the PLC decide what to do with Scouts moving patrols within the troop? (Whether they could continue to wear the honor patrol patch or not.)

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The plc doesnt get to decide uniform and insignia, that is a national level decision. The honor patrol is a subunit level award, it goes with the patrol. Similarly the paul award is and quality unit awards are troop level awards and should be removed if a scout changes troops

Troop level is one thing but patrol changes happen periodically out of necessity for rebalancing of patrols. This is partly necessitated by BSA guidance for patrol sizes. I think this award is flawed and will discourage the boys from getting it any longer.

Unless you have uniform police in your unit, I agree with Jennifer, let the PLC decide. I know very few Scouts (or leaders for that matter) that have uniforms that conform to the Guide to Awards and Insignia.


This is a 30 year old award and the rules regarding wearing it are not new. There are a ton of things I dislike about BSA policy and uniforming but I do what I’m told by national. The fact is that the award goes to the patrol, not to the individual scout. If the patrol ceases to exist then so too does the award.

Please, use the term “insignia dorks.” It puts the fun back into the experience of figuring out uniforming best practices. :grin:
@JaymePechan, I think the award travels with the patrol. So, it would move with the scout’s patrol patch. I would literally sew together the boarders of the patrol patch and all stars earned while in that patrol. The scout may then move the assembly to the back of his/her sash, a brag vest or jacket, or simply store it with his/her many other awards and mementos.
If the scout really is “all that” his/her next patrol will be accumulating stars in short order.

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Could we use Insignia Nerds? Then, I could repurpose my Nerd Pride shirt… :laughing:

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I thought about using “nerd” but “dork” just seemed snappier. And, I am not particularly proud of having checked off far more inspection sheets than one ought.

OTOH, if you can pull out an old shirt to fit a new occasion have at it!

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