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Hornaday awards?

What’s up with the Hornaday awards? The BSA national web pages for them are busted links…

@PaulMcDonald I do not have any details, but I have heard they are updating the requirements.

From a post in a Facebook group:

The Award was being renamed WELL BEFORE the current "Dr. Hornaday" issue arose. Here are the facts:

THREE YEARS AGO now, the BSA did their review (they do a program review every five years) and the National Conservation and Environmental Programs task force recommended to the BSA’s Program Group that the Hornaday Awards be renamed. The reason was that they felt that the Award should not be named for someone not connected directly with the BSA but rather for the purpose of the award.

The Program Group agreed and started the process of renaming the Award as the “BSA National Medal for Conservation and Environmental Service”. That was the working name for the Award; a final name will be released after the first of the year.
In doing so, the BSA’s Program Group directed the Supply Group to recast the bronze, silver, and gold medals/medallions removing the “William T. Hornaday Award” information with NO REPLACEMENT. In other words, taking the award back to the designs used from the middle 50s to the late 70s.

The “Dr. Hornaday issue” referred to above has to do with his reported racist history. This late breaking issue has implications across lots of BSA publications.

Having read his book, William T. Hornaday’s prophecy has come true. I doubt he was so much “racist” as he was sadly disappointed with humanity.

While WTH may not have been “directly” connected with BSA his efforts in conservation were fuel for the fire, along with Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir’s, and hundreds of others who were able to see the and report on the natural world. These efforts were instrumental in raising awareness of the limits of wild life and natural resources and lead to the creation of the National Park Service and our nations system of national and state parks. BSA named the awrad after WTH

I find it ironic the program group felt its better to take the award away from a “racist” and give it to a group of pedophiles.

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