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How are Troops tracking Adult OA requirements

We are needing more adults to be in the Order of the Arrow. However, as Advancement Chair I have no way of knowing where my adults sit with qualifying. How do others track that? I just don’t have time to go back to every activity in the my.scoutin.org and figure out which adults were there for the last two years. Thoughts? Thanks.

Go to Internet Advancement. On the left there is a menu item for reports. Go in there and select OA eligibility. Adults show at the bottom.

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And obviously they meet the same criteria as the youth, but there is a form that our OA uses to nominate adults.


As @JohnGeiser alluded to, tracking campout participation by adult leaders in the activity logs makes this process a lot easier. I’ve asked adults to self-report camping nights when I know the logs are inaccurate.

It looks like you are already aware of the camping night requirements to which @Stephen_Hornak alluded. There are some specific modified rules for the 2021 election cycle, with which you might also be familiar. Just in case, however, here is a link to the modified requirements: OA Temporary Camping Requirement Changes | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Read all the way to the bottom as there are several rounds of revisions.


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