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How can I transfer a scout from the Pack to the Troop

I am a key 3 admin for both the pack and the troop. How can I transfer the weblos II scouts to the Troop? I already have access to their profiles.

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Go to their membership and change it. make sure all cub stuff has been awarded and approved first. And of course you still have to fill out an application for each

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How do I do this? I tried to enter membership into troop and it said I first needed to end the cub membership. If I end the cub membership the scout is no longer available in the site and I have to email Scoutbook to get them re-added. I already have the apps to turn into council this week.

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When you are ready to transfer the Scout, put a Date Ended on the Scout’s membership with the pack. Important: stay on the Scout’s Membership page. Then Add a new membership with the troop.

Or you can just wait, and the troop leadership can transfer the Scout themselves, or the transfer will happen automatically after the paper application in processed by the council.

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As stated previously, as soon as I enter the end date for the scout in the pack, the scout is removed from Scoutbook. So I cannot stay on their membership page, as the page will recycle back to the roster. I have entered many "test’ scouts today attempting this after the first scout is lost and I am now waiting for Scoutbook admin to retrieve the record from their database and re-instate them.

This should not be this hard. Last year I was able to transfer the scouts with ease. A simple code fix would help this with Scoutbook and the admins need to take a look at this.


Are you a Pack Admin? Do you see the Scout listed when you go to:

My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Connections ?

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Yes, I have access to the full pack in my connections.

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If I end the current membership, the scout dissappears from the pack. See below:
Shows in the roster:
Current Membership:

Enter the End date, page cycles back to roster, scout is no longer available to choose from:

I can’t add a new membership, I get this message:

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Does this Scout have any open leadership positions (Denner, Assistant Denner)?

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When I add an end date to a scout’s membership, it leaves me on the membership page. At that point, I click the add button.

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Well these scouts still have to fill out a new scout application to change from being in a pack to a troop. It’s required even if there going from a pack to troop regardless if there crossovers or not. Its the only official way to transfer them off the Packs charter onto the Troops. Even if you are in the process of rechartering them they still need new scout applications to make the transfer official.

And make sure that the transfer applications contain the correct BSA ID numbers for the scouts, and that they are being transferred. Otherwise, there’s a strong likelihood of a new account being created, both in Scoutbook and at the registrar (complete with a new BSA ID).

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For me as well. This is the expected behavior. Perhaps this is related to the bug where pack admins can lose connection to their scouts? The fix in that case is to go to your own profile, uncheck and then immediately re-check the pack admin position, and press update. This restores connection to all scouts.

I have found that when I end a membership for a Cub Scout that they also disappear from our pack completely. But if I go to My Account under the Dashboard and then Click on My Connections towards bottom of the page i will still have a connection to them and can add the membership to the troop.

I was able to transfer my Webelo to the troop without issue doing it the way you described. His account is messed up now with all of the connections to leaders that are in the Pack and adults who were leaders in the Pack but are now in a different troop. So he have people who can access his account that are in a different troop and pack than he is in.

@EarlFarnsworth If you go to your Scout’s Connections page, you should be able to click on the names of the leaders who no longer need access to your Scout and delete their connection to him.

The correct answer is: You don’t. You turn in a paper application for the scout joining the troop and they will move from the pack to the troop automatically 24-48 hours after your council processes the application.

If the person was a “key 3” like cubmaster or committee chair, can I still remove them. I didn’t think I had permission to remove them.

@EarlFarnsworth You cannot remove Admins for current memberships, but you can remove Admins from past memberships (former pack, for example).

I was told that we should submit our applications to council and they would transfer the scouts into the correct unit… However, they also stated that it wouldn’t happen until after charters were posted…which they are still working on. So, it could be months before we have access to our new scouts.
There has to be an easier way to transfer scout into the units.

When we paid for Scoutbook, we as admins had more control over transferring scouts into our units. It worked as intended. I am with a unit with scouts that transfer in from councils all over the world, that have had multiple membership numbers and Scoutbook is a mess for those scouts’ records. Just because we submit a transfer application to council doesn’t mean that scout’s record follows them to the new unit(us). Usually we get a brand new record for that scout, with this council’s BSA member #, with no advancements or achievements in it. We are then told to manually enter all of their record into the new correct BSA member numbered SB account. I have also been told there is no way to merge the records/accounts. I am requesting the correct way to transfer a scout into a unit please. Can anyone send me a printed way as well as a video, please?