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How can parents send messages?

Hi, I’m wishing that my parents and committee members could send messages to the Troop, but currently only people with titles like Activities Chair can do so. It looked like in some of the Legacy 2015 forum posts that there used to be a way to have more broadly accessible messaging? Anyone have suggestions?

Stephen- if your parents and/or leaders have view only access to all scouts in the unit then they should be able to message others.

Thanks, Stephen (nice name). Do you have a tip on how I can set that easily all at once? I looked under Roster > Permissions by Position and I guess parents don’t have positions. I looked under Roster > Connections Manager and it looked like I might be able to set permissions by clicking the adult name on the left, but I get a warning about “This will reset [Adults]'s permissions to ALL Non-Family Scouts on this page!” so I wasn’t sure about what would happen if I clicked Set Permission.

I was hoping there’d be a setting somewhere like, “Set parents to have view permissions.”


Hi Stephen - yes indeed it is a nice name… so when you click on the empty square of a scout/adult connection you will be presented with choices among them are the view options of view profile and view advancement and those are sufficient.