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How/Can you set up as a non-profit organization?

With the increase in dues we’re trying to figure out how to make up some of the delta. Can anyone provide insight on either of the following options:

  1. Can we get a corporate sponsor? If my employer was willing to purchase our Class B tshirts next year to reduce our costs, is that allowed/acceptable? If so, can we include their logo on the shirt to say sponsored by? Many sports teams I know do this.

  2. My company does non-profit matching grants. So anytime I spend volunteering with Scouts I log and then I get x dollars per so many hours that I can then redistribute to a non-profit. I currently log my time against the council, however I’d like to set up the Pack as it’s own non-profit. How can I do this? I see other packs and troops listed in our site of non-profits I could donate to. Do I have an EIN/Tax ID already? Is it the Churches? How do I find it?


@ShirinButler - read through this before making any moves:


This BSA document might help answer some of your questions:

Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units FAQs

I would also recommend talking to your chartered organization and also your local council.

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Check your employer’s match rules too. Mine won’t contribute to any religious organizations and several other categories.

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