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How do a transfer a crossed-over Weblo to my Scouts BSA troop in Scoutbook?

Not having a lot of luck here, either in Scoutbook or doing Google seaches.

You will need to end their membership in your pack and add them to their new troop.

I guess I need to reach out to the cubmaster to get them transferred over. Or is that something I can do myself?

When the troop the scout joined turns in the new troop application then the scout should automatically be transferred.

You may want to end the scouts membership to your pack before this happens if you want to disconnect all the pack connections.

Yes, a Pack Admin will have to transfer them.

Here is a link to the resource you need:

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Hi. I read the link provided. The Troop our AOLs crossed over to hasn’t signed up for scoutbook yet. They are still using troop master. Does that mean I just need to unassign them from the pack account and wait for the Troop to pick them up once they sign up for scoutbook?

Yes, you could do that or you can still add them to their new troop even if they are not using Scoutbook. All active units have a Scoutbook account.

When the Scout’s “transfer” application is processed by Council, the Scout will be transferred from your unit to the new unit in Member Manager. If/when his new unit goes to Scoutbook, his AOL will be there waiting along with any advancement/awards/MB’s earned with his new Troop that were entered via Internet Advancement.