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How do AOL that have advanced to Troop leave my Pack roster in Scoutbook?

I have a den of AOL that I need to show advanced to Troop. How do I get them out of my Pack roster?

Put an end date on their pack membership - make sure first all their items are marked awarded, and off needs approval and needs purchasing

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They will stay part of the Pack Roster in My.Souting/Scoutnet/Internet Advancement until either the Troop turns in their transfer applications or your Pack recharters and drops them.
Here is the Youth application form that needs to be filled out for the transfer:

As to Scoutbook Donovan covered how to get them off your Pack, but I would also recommend connecting them to the Troop they are going to at the same time to save someone else some effort. While you are on the screen ending their membership you can add the new membership to the Troop (and Patrol if it is known), and you can also then go into their connections and use the “Clean Old Connections” button to remove the connections from Pack leaders.

Once you have ended all the Den Memberships IIRC there is an Archive or End button to close down the Den.

Supplementing both @DonovanMcNeil’s and @JasonCostarakis’s comments, the troop folks need to remember (and it would probably help to remind your transferring scouts’ parents) that the scouts are not actually transferred officially until their paperwork has been submitted to council for the transfer. The parents/troop will want to make sure that the scouts’ current BSA IDs are on their transfer applications, and that the scouts’ names, and parents’ names and emails all match what’s already in Scoutbook, to minimize the chances that the scouts or parents will have a new account/BSA ID created for them by mistake.


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