How do I add new youth?

We’re an Explorer Post. I see the ones who carryover from last year, but I can’t figure out how to add new ones.

@SuzieSteiner are the youth registered? If so what is a BSA # and we can look

No, I need to add them. I don’t see a place to do that.

They have to fill out a youth application to join. Talk to your Council or a unit leader - very standard process. You have been Advisor for years now, you would have had to have done this before?

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I have their applications in hand. In the past there has been a place to add new youth and new leaders. I do not see that here.

There is one in Scoutbook - but it is really better to just turn in Apps to Council then the scouts flow in with no issue or duplication - there is no place for that in Internet Advancement

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I have been involved in both paper and internet rechartering many times, so I figure I am missing something very obvious.

As an Explorer Unit we don’t use ScoutBook.

In the past I have added youth to my units during recharter. Then you print a final roster and turn that in with the applications and any YPT certificates needed.

Oh - so this is the recharter process - yes just add the youth - and attach the scans of the apps - I have no screenshot of it but it is there

I figure out what to do.

You need to go into ScoutBook - which as an Explorer Post I have never used and under “Roster” click add new youth or new leader.


there is one in recharter itself as I have used it for scouts and adults - just do not recall the exact steps

There is a User Guide for Internet Recharter at the following link:

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That does not register them. You need to do it in recharter.