How do I change my SSO infromation

I am the new DE in rio grande council 775. And I need to add my bsa credentials. When I started I was using my personal email. Any help would be most appreciated

go to my.scouting > my profile > bottom of that page

I was able to to add my scouting credentials to my scouting . I am trying to change my sso on scoutbook. I added my bsa credentials and I entered the code i was sent. But when I log in it doesn’t let me in with my email.

you cannot change your SSO email like that. you might have to make a new my.scouting account and see if it will match you up

@OmarGonzalez when you became DE did you get a new MID?

and SSO is usually a user name not an email

it looks like you have Google log in turned on @OmarGonzalez

july 6 2021 was my start date

they did not inform me about a new MID. I have been using my original that I got after taking my YPT.

that is the email I used to set up myscouting when I first started.

well Scoutbook is not going to be of any use to you as you have no unit positions

Ok. So that is not something I would use (scoutbook?) I would do transfers from my only? has all the tools for council employees - aside from PAS/ScoutNET

Thank you so much. I was under the impression that scoutbook would be a tool to use. I am training and tying to figure out as much as I can. Appreciate your help.

Who do I contact to help me with Scoutnet? I do not have membership access and I need to process unit registration and advancements. Any information will help.

I would assume any council provides training for staff. Ask your Scout Exec or registrar

Yes that is correct. I just got the training materials yesterday. I am the registrar, district executive and in charge of scout shop. But I understand. Thank you for your time. May the Lord bless you.

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I think employees are still using MyBSA as the primary portal to employee tools instead of my.Scouting.

Thank you. Mrs. Arnold get everything working. I appreciate your time and effort.

Gonzalez Omar

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