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How do I edit permissions in Connections Manager?

SB is automatically giving parents full control on their scout’s SB account. They can edit all advancement, meaning, they can add requirements as completed and also approve them. How can I remove full control and change to view only? When I go to connections manager, it’s not letting me change to view advancement.

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As of 1/1/2019, all Unit Admins now have irrevocable Full Unit Admin Control over all Scouts in their respective Scoutbook Units. This cannot be removed by parents as long as the Scout is registered in that Unit.

All parents also now have irrevocable Full Parental Control over their children’s accounts within Scoutbook. This cannot be removed by Leaders or Unit Admins as long as the Scout is registered in the BSA.

In that way the parent can make changes to personal information and move the Scout to other units when needed. A parent with Full Parental Control can also “invite” their Scout to have his/her own Scoutbook Account. A Unit Leader or Admin cannot invite Scouts directly.

Bear in mind that parents’ Full Control does NOT include the ability to Approve, Purchase Order, or Award Advancements. It also does not include the ability to change, remove from, or add to the Payment Log. Parents must also be Unit Leaders or Admins with proper permissions to do these things In Scoutbook.

When an item is marked as “Completed” in Scoutbook, that means that the Scout is ready to be tested just as when a Scout or Parent marks items as such in the paper Scout Handbook. The Unit Leader (or designee) “signs off” in the Handbook in the columns marked “Leader Initial & Date”. The equivalent step in Scoutbook is when a leader in the unit marks an item as “Approved”. Parents (who are not also leaders in the unit) cannot mark any items in Scoutbook as “Approved”. Leaders in the unit need to be educated that they should not be marking any items as “Approved” in Scoutbook if it is not their role in the local unit to do so. That is a specific local Unit discussion and is not and will not be a setting in Scoutbook. The Guide to Advancement does not state that Scouts or Parents should ever be restricted from marking items as Complete as a part of their Scouting Program.

Great answer. In our units we have made it a “rule” that the adult leaders not mark “approved” for their own children unless the activity was done as a group.

We have a two step checks and balance for signing off completed tasks. One leader signs completed and another signs approved. Our advancement chair is the only member allowed to mark it awarded.

Ideally the Scout marks the requirement complete. This indicates the Scout is ready to be tested in a Troop, Crew or Ship. It is the equivalent of checking the left hand column in the handbook. In Cub Scouts it indicates the Scout has done their best and is ready to have the requirement officially recorded. For Cub Scouts marking complete would typically be done by the parent unless the requirement was done a t a den meeting or other pack activity.

Unfortunately most of our parents have not given their children permissions in scoutbook. Out of our 49 boys only 6 are updated with their own email and allowed to access their accounts. (Two of the boys are mine.)

It is OK for a parent to let their Scout use the parent’s account. The parent might have many reasons why they don’t want to give their Scout separate access (maybe the Scout doesn’t have an e-mail address, the parent doesn’t think the Scout is old enough / mature enough, the Scout might have special needs, etc.).

No matter which account is used (parent’s or Scout’s), having something marked as completed just means that the Scout is ready to be tested.

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I’m still confused, Are we then setting parents as “ADMIN?” It’s very confusing that when we go to the permissions page and we see “Full Control”

Parents are not set as admins but the connection between parents and their Scouts displays the same way in Connection Manager as an admin except they should not be connected to each Scout in the unit with full control.

There have been suggestions to change the parent connection type to make it more meaningful, however, this requires a rewrite of the permission system in Scoutbook. This is not a simple, or quick change.

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Thank you so much for the clarification. I figured there would need to be some code re-write, which isn’t always easy or cheap. It definitely would be nice to have more clear permissions and distinct roles listed.