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How do I find my position start date?

Our Unit STEM Coordinator noticed that none of our leaders who are counselors and mentors were showing up in Scoutbook as counselors and mentors. She contacted Scoutbook support, and they said that I can add those roles. I can as I am CC. But how do I find out the position start dates? Membership cards for counselors and mentors on only show the expiration date.

Thanks in advance.

The start date is not important in Scoutbook. It just cannot be in the future.

For context, our Unit STEM Coordinator is concerned about awards being kicked back if the position start date of the mentor is after the date that the award was approved in the paperwork.

No one in your council has access to see the position start dates in Scoutbook. I can’t see it getting disapproved for that.

If you really want to know start dates, your council registrar is most likely to know them.

  1. Whether or not the Supernova Mentor’s position has been renewed might be a issue for the humans reviewing the award application. My council is expiring Supernova Mentor positions at the same time as merit badge counselors. I am in the process of getting a Supernova Mentor who is registered in other positions renewed as a Supernova Mentor (multiple registration).

  2. The Supernova Mentor is a District Scouter. I believe like most District Scouters, their positions need to be renewed annually. (There is at least one district level position that has a 2 year commitment.)
    A new Supernova Mentor may being serving less than a year until the end of the “Supernova Mentor registration year” (which ls defined by the council and may be different than a person’s primary position membership year.)

  3. As a member of the district membership committee I can only see the position “Expiry Date” in the Member Manager unit roster report for District Scouters (UnitRoster_District). However as a member of the district training committee I can see the “Registration_Date” in the YPT aging report for the district (YPT_DistrictName). The district key-3 leaders (District Commissioner, District Committee Chair and District Executive should all have access to these reports for District Scouters. Whether or not these folks have internet access and have been trained to use the tools is another issue. The council registrar has access to all District Scouters’ membership information.

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