How do I fix this - multiple parents listed, all same parent

Scoutbook Screen Shot.pdf (131.6 KB)

Any idea how I merge all of these parents (they’re all me), also listed as the den leader and all the other roles there).

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@GregoryStevenson - the interesting thing is the multiple last login dare stamps. It seems to indicate multiple id. Post your BSA id

My Primary BSA ID is 137170457. I also see 14065477, but that is not my Primary. Our Council tied my new positions to the 137170457, so that should be the one for everything now.

@GregoryStevenson - do the other instances have bsa id numbers in scoutbook? Most likely they do and different scoutbook user ID numbers

Here’s more details for each one:
Instance 1 (this is the one listed as "Pack Admin, etc and should be the primary instance): BSA Member # 137170457, UserID 11678073
Instance 2: BSA Member #137170457, UserID 11678073
Instance 3 (the one with the picture): BSA Member # 13725747, UserID 11720471
Instance 4: BSA Member # 14065477, UserID 12259867


@GregoryStevenson - thanks… hopefully the SUAC crew can work through this. But yeah multiple id creates a mess.

I suppose I could just delete the links to the profiles that aren’t the one I actually use and just let them float off into the ether, yeah?

And now I’m looking at our Roster in Scoutbook, and there are two profiles for me there as well… Amazingly, it looks like the system somehow linked my new position as Cubmaster to my original Scout information from when I was a kid, because it’s got my old Scoutmaster’s address listed as my address and my old Council as the council…
Those two IDs are:
(Listing me as Cubmaster, Key 3 Delegate, and Pack Admin - my correct roles at the moment):
BSA Member ID 137170457
UserID 5058140
(Listing me as Den Admin, Committee Member, Pack Admin, Key 3 Delegate, and Den Leader, which is a bit much):
BSA Member ID 137170457
UserID 11678073

I have merged your Scoutbook accounts. It looks like your pack’s recharter has not been processed yet.

If any of your positions / roles are no longer relevant, you can just add an end date to them.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Can I have assistance in fixing duplicate IDs for my leadership? It seems like anyone who was originally a parent connection has a duplicate account in scoutbook after becoming a leader. I connected the new IDs to the children. But they still need to be merged. They have as the email. I am attempting to convince new leadership to convert to scoutbook completely but I need profiles to be cleaned up so logins are smooth.
Ids to merge are:
137304626 & 13748249


This is fixed. User needs to log in to Scoutbook using her ID

Her e-mail address was on her son’s Scoutbook account so I had to remove the address. They can add an e-mail address to the son’s account by logging in to Scoutbok 52 then go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → E-Mail. The e-mail address must be unique as Scoutbook does not permit duplicates.

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