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How do I give Pack Admin rights back to someone that previously had them?

We have a leader that, at one time was Pack Admin, currently is not. How do we give rights back. We tried just removing the end date under the leadership position and that did not work. Do we have to create a new leadership position?

The previous Pack Admin cannot reinstate oneself. An existing Pack Admin would need to do it.

Yes sir, we understand that part. out Cubmaster removed the end date thinking that would work. It did not. Do we have to set the person back up with a new start date in that position in order for it to work?

Thank you!


Dawn Potts

Yes, I would try putting an end date on the old entry, and add a new one.

Make sure that an Admin approves the position. If the position is approved, you will see a green shield with check mark.

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Thank you very much! YIS, Dawn

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