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How do I make a youth a leader?

I submitted an app to my Council office…instead of putting the youth (who is now 18) as a leader, they entered him as a youth in a BSA troop. He is now listed as “scouts not in a patrol”. I am unable to move him to an adult and do not want to end his membership in the Troop as this will probably delete him from my unit altogether…as has happend in the past. Please help me with this. I need this 18 year old to be a unit scouter reserve leader. How do I make this happen?


Is this 18 year old former Scout listed on your roster in Member Manager at as an adult leader or a youth member? If he is still listed as a youth member you need to contact your council registrar to have his record corrected. The day after he appears on the adult side of the Member Manager roster he will be converted to an adult in Scoutbook.

I don’t know what a “Member Manager” at is. Is this something I can access through Scoutbook? If yes, please tell me step by step what to click on to get to this. I do not see “Member Manager” listed anywhere in Scoutbook.

When I go to, I can only see my information…of which my Council still has not gotten correct. I do not see how to change my email address on this, and my Council has my son’s personal email address associated with my account. It has been a process just to get to this point so I just gave up.

I wish all of the Scouting websites had an easy to access search function, and a number to call with questions.


Member Manager is available to unit Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Charter Org Rep) or Key 3 Delegates as assigned by the Key 3 in

The Member Manager is a tool that is available to certain unit leaders at (my.Scouting Tools). Unit Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep.) have automatic access to the Member Manager.

Unit Key 3 can also grant access to the Member Manager to other registered adult leaders in the unit by using the Organization Security Manager and designating them as a Key 3 Delegate.

If you are one of the unit Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate, then you can access the Member Manager at by:

  1. Clicking on the Menu button.
  2. Clicking on your unit in the list.
  3. Clicking on Member Manager.

Once on the Member Manager screen, click on “All” under Roster Details to see if he is listed as a “Unit College Scouter Reserve” (position for 18-20 year olds) or a “Youth Member”. If he is listed as a “Youth Member”, then that means that the council registered him as a Scout (youth), and you need to work with your council to get it corrected.

By any chance is he also registered with a Venturing crew or Sea Scout ship?

Well that explains it…I am not a key 3. I’ll get with one of those guys to check it all. Thank you for the information! I’ll be messaging again in the future…you can count on it!


No…the Scout is not registered in Venturing or Sea Scouts.

Yes, please keep asking questions and making suggestions. That’s what we are here for :smiley:

Why not?

The benefits are huge and if they are on it, they can still make it to Summit or Quartermaster (Quartermaster takes 18 months).

Why? You’re assuming they’re interested in Sea Scouts/Venturing… They might now be

Exactly my point.
Venturing, Exploring, and Sea Scouts all go until 21.

That’s 3 more years of experiences to put under their belt, along with opportunities for scholarships and Leadership Development.

If you are recruiting, let us not forget
Exploring, and
Alpha Phi Omega (in college)

For more about unit college scouter reserve registration see Scouting magazine, January 19, 2017, Bryan Wendell article.

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant to say “They might not be”. Not all scouts are interested in Venturing or Sea Scouts, and you’re making a big jump assuming they are.

Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be invited.