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How do I remove advancement I can't access?

I am seeing a scout in a wolf den with bear adventures completed. His mom is den leader to his brother who is in a bear den.

My guess is that when she did quick entry for her den, she did a “select all” that somehow included her wolf son.

These bear adventure loops show up on my needs purchasing/awarding reports, but I can’t get to them on his advancement page to undo the requirements.

Not sure how he could have been awarded them in the first place?

I think I will just wait until I advance his den and then remove them, but just wondering what bug is enabling him to have the loops awarded and shown on his profile. They are visually on his page, even though I can’t get to bear advancement on his page.


You need to temporarily move the Scout to a Bear den, remove the advancement then move him back to the Wolf den.

I suspect if you go to his Membership page, you will see an old entry for a Bear den. Click on his wolf membership, add an end date, then remove the end date from the bear membership, click Update then select the bear membership again and set the approve membership check box. When you are finished removing the bear advancement, reverse the membership process.

If there is no Bear membership, go to the bear den and use the Reassign Scout function. After you are finished removing the memberships, go to his membership page, put and end date on the Bear membership and remove the end date from the wolf membership.

yes pretty sure the mom moved them to bear intentionally to do this. There is no way to do it for future ranks any other way.

@AngelaKoch - I would also have a discussion with mom cause she is going to say “well he sat in on the virtual meetings” or whatever.

I was able to move him into a Bear Den and make the changes. However, he did not have any membership in a Bear Den prior to me making this change. He now has a one day membership in a bear den that I cannot remove.

I believe it was some kind of a bug and an accidental inclusion. I have an email in to the mom to confirm this. I will update. (We have only just begun to use Scoutbook as a pack. She has only used Scoutbook once and it was to add the awarded adventures for her den. The likelihood of her being able to to figure out how to add bear advancement for her wolf son is VERY LOW.)

This was some kind of bug. She did not intend to give her wolf son the same loops as the boys in her den. Somehow quick entry allowed him to be selected when she selected all.

I have recreated this scenario by using quick entry from the pack page > enter rank req. I’d recommend only using quick entry from the den page.


thanks, I will be sure to let the den leaders know. She’s not the only one with multi-age scouts

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