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How do I remove non-returning scouts from dens

We have several scouts across ranks not returning and I need to remove them from existing dens. What is the best way to do that?


Create a new den for inactives, move all of the Scouts there, end any connections with anyone in the Pack other than their parents and the admins, then set an end date to their membership. They’ll drop off the official roster when you recharter.

Also double-check calendar events to make sure that they have been removed as invitees.

It doesn’t matter that dens are rank specific?

How do I remove all connections? There are multiple set up and I don’t see a way to deactivate them except one by one.

You can do it in connection manager. Click on the Scouts’ names, and clear all the connections at once. It will leave only the permissions for parents and the unit admins intact.

That only works if you have the Extension

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What extension? Where do we find this extension?

I’m also having an issue deleting connections for inactive Scouts. Most of them were supposed to drop off our roster in the last rechartering, but that never happened.

Hi, @LynnCrochetiere,

The Feature Assistant Extension is a user-created and supported (thanks @GaryFeutz!) add-on for Firefox and Chrome that adds in features that have not yet made it into production Scoutbook. Instructions to install it are here:

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@LynnCrochetiere If you want Scouts dropped at recharter time, the Scouts have to have their membership with the unit marked as “position approved” (green shield with check mark). Otherwise, the member update is designed to skip over them (not drop them from your roster).


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