How do Scout Accounts access patrols to send mail?

When a scout logs into his scoutbook account and wants to send a message to his patrol via scoutbook, he only sees his account, not his patrol. He can send message but he will see his whole troop and have to figure out who to include. Shouldn’t he be able to get to his patrol and send message where it automatically selects the scouts and parents to include? This is even more necessary for a Troop Guide working with a new patrol, but I haven’t been able to figure out a path for the TG to get to the patrol he is guiding (and is configured to guide in scoutbook). Any help on how this is supposed to work?

Scouts have to use the Black Breadcrumbs to get there - Click My Advancements > then they can click the Unit Breadcrumb

I can ask our Troop Guide to try that path, but I had already had him attempt a path like that with going to send message and while that path works for my sons account, for the Troop Guide, when he clieck the Troop crumb it didn’t do anything for him. I can’t see any reason why it would work for one scout and not another.

After retrying the breadcrumb path he was able to get to the patrol so he could send mail to it.

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