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How do troops without trailers handle food?

What do troops without trailers do with their food on campouts? For example if you have a cooler and a plastic tub of dry food, and you are not in bear country, what do you do with the food?

Though we do have a trailer, sometimes we get lazy and don’t want to carry things back to it. We do not have a dry box of food but do have things like drink mix in the adult patrol box. One of our tricks is to put the patrol box (a rubber maid tote) or the cooler under the picnic table bench so that the bench is basically resting on the top of the cooler/tote. It prevents the critters from opening the lid and from pulling the cooler/tote out from under the bench. They could still chew through the tote if they were motivated - never had any even attempt it.


Depending on where you are, you could use bungee cords. Of course, it may sound like the raccoons are playing the banjo all night trying to get into it.


Food? You mean you guys don’t forage on your camp outs? Boy, BP must be spinning in his grave…

Why, when I was a Cub Scout back in the day, they used to drop us off in the middle of the forest with nothing but one match and a stone! It wasn’t even a sharp stone…

Scouts are getting soft, these days :grin:


Lots of options. You could put it in a car, lash it with paracord, etc. Basically anything that would prevent a critter getting in to it. Usually things like bungee cords work well in our area.


I have a camp-box for dry-goods and a cooler. Both are pretty easy to load, and easy to keep organized. But, Raccoons are cleaver, so everything has to be tied down and checked before night time, or if we are all leaving camp for a hike.

Backpacking, I have a dry bag and a very long rope. Keeping things cool is tricky, but it’s getting toward the time of year when that’s less of a problem, so more frozen goods get tossed in my food bag.


Secure the coolers and dry goods boxes with packing straps; if necessary tether them to the tables or a tree. The key is to keep all of the gear clean and stowed, and the camp clean. Bag and remove all waste from camp by sunset.


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