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How do we log other activites?

How do we log other activities, like meetings, aquatics, riding, adventure, etc

and does scoutbook automatically populate awards earned from these activities?

If there are invitees on a meeting there is an attendance feature.

Other logs do not exist yet

They do not auto populate as each scout needs to determine where a given hour is going toward

Keep in mind that many of the requirements are more than just participate in an activity.

For example, First class 9b says “Participate in three hours of service through one or more service projects approved by your Scoutmaster. The project(s) must not be the same service project(s) used for Tenderfoot requirement 7b and Second Class requirement 8e. Explain how your service to others relates to the Scout Law.

Scoutbook cannot credit First Class 9b from the Service log because there is no way to know the Scout fulfilled the highlighted part of the requirement.

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I assume you know about the camping, hiking, and service logs?

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