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How do you use Scoutbook?

I am pretty familiar with scoutbook on the cubs side but now how a scout in ScoutsBSA. Currently the Advancement Coordinator (myself) uses Scoutbook to enter completed requirements, generate reports for awards etc. Durin the covid time and starting remote meetings may be a good time to try to expand our use of Scoutbook.

So we have everyone set up into patrols but we are a troop that allows scouts 1st class and up to sign off their “book” for lesser ranked scouts. Is their a way to set this up? Really I have spent hours watching videos from BSA and can not find a step by step how ScoutsBSA uses Scoutbook efficiently.

We do not want to take that leadership role away from the scouts which also just adds more work for the SM.

So how do you all do this? What works for you?

Scouts do not have access to other Scouts advancement so there is no direct way for them to do this. Maybe reporting to UAC, ASM or something like that? Scout could mark it complete themself in the Scouting App or Scoutbook.com, and older scout report to assigned person that it is approved

Donovan is right in that Scouts don’t have access to update Scoutbook. Ideally an ASM is assigned to each patrol. I would put the Patrol leaders in charge of gathering the information in signed off requirements and giving them to the ASM who then give them to the SM or Advancement Chair to update Scoutbook. The SM should be verifying the Scout’s handbook and entering any changes into Scoutbook or making notes what needs updating and passing it along. The advancement chair should be reviewing the advancement report the Scouts take to the board of review and approving all the signatures before they give them a copy.

Donovan’s point was that OTHER scouts don’t have access to OTHER scout’s advancement. They can have access to their own if they parents invite them to connect. I encourage parents to do this so that Scouts can print their own permission slips to have their parents sign. The other advntage is Scouts can keep their own Scoutbook.com info sync’d with the paperbook. That way, no other papershuffel needs to be done.


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