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How does MBC Search work


I get on Scoutbook to search for a counselor for a particular badge. I set the search parameters per zip code of the Scout, 50 miles, “Both” for busy or not working with youth.

It returns results within our council.

This Scout’s zip code borders a neighboring council.

I then changed search parameters for this badge to “Any distance”.

It returns results for the same counselors in our council and then goes BSA wide.

Q: Are results listed in increasing distance from the zip code?


If this is the case, how is it that none of the other councils in my state (NY) have no listed counselors for this badge (Art)?

Surely this cannot be that every counselor has restricted their services to such a narrow scope of youth they’ll council. Is this the other councils purposely restricting them from availability?

If so, why?

MBCs default to assisting their own council in searches - they can log into SB and change it to Unit/District/Worlwide - so it is up to the MBC to take action

So, a few of the counselors in my council are available BSA wide and no other counselor in the state (outside of my council) are.

I get it, I understand and don’t doubt you but, the statistical probabilities are well up there.

I think that this is the key issue. Counselors who are aware that they need to log into Scoutbook and change their visibility to “worldwide” may be the rate-limiting step here.

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This is no different than when Council distributed paper or PDF MBC lists. They would only include MBCs registered with their council.

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