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How long did your order from NCCSSupply.orders@scouting.org take?

Has anyone ordered MBs and rank patches? How long did it take for your order to be filled?


My first email went out to them Friday May 8. They emailed back on May 11, requesting my purchase order. They called back May 11 so that I could pay. One package arrived Saturday May 16. The other arrived today, May 18.

I recommend making sure you include your phone number when you send the first email. Attach both the advancement report and the Purchase Order. In the body of the email detail any items you want to purchase that are not on the PO (ie unrestricted items like rank parent pins) along with their SKU #s from the website.

I think they are pretty busy, so make it as easy for them as you can.

Also, they cannot do tax-free like the shops do. “We are not set up for that”

Lastly, I live in Chicago, so if you are in a smaller town and/or not near a transportation hub, it may take a day or two longer. Shipping is a little crazy right now.

Hope that helps!


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One more thing, If you need an actual invoice for payment, it will take longer. He just wanted to tell me the total over the phone and have me pay. Fortunately my treasurer is fine with reimbursing my Credit Card purchases. But, you may prefer to actually check over an invoice first. I am currently in the process of asking for an item that was missing from the invoice for some reason. Among a long list of MB emblems they missed one. I’m not really complaining, I just thought you’d want to know how they do it. I was more worried about getting most items ordered than accuracy. I didn’t want to miss the COH because of one mistake that can be corrected later.

One of my Scouts will just have to have it announced, but not receive the badge until later.

I actually pushed back on that, since I had a $1200 order, and they talked to a manager and figured out how to do it.

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Glad to hear it! I was a little surprised by that, but I wasn’t going to argue the $13 too hard since it’s bad enough that we are having a virtual COH. The last thing I want is to have it virtual with no actual awards. I was more concerned with getting it processed!

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