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How to add 2 parents to Scout account

I am in the process of linking scouts accounts with parents, I have found how to link one parent very easily with email, but how do you enter another email address to connect a second parent? Or is only one parent allowed access to scouts account? Thanks,

@ChristineHosto - you would go to the scout page then click on connections then click on add. If they are a parent, click on that connection type , add the details and save.

@Stephen_Hornak Thanks, I figured out how to add one parent from the scout page like you said above or to search for their email, but it does not give me the add option to search or add a second parent.

Can a second parent add a Scout from their account?

Thanks for your help


You must add additional parents from the Scout’s Connections page. After selecting the Scout, scroll down to the link for Scout’s Connections. From there click the +Add link. Enter the parent’s name or e-mail address in the search bar. If the parent is found select it, if not found, fill out the section with the parent’s name, etc. Set the Parent/Guardian Check Box then click Invite.

Thank you!!! This is a major learning curve.

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