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How to advance a cub scout to our boy scout troop?

I attempted to advance an AOL scout to our troop but scoutbook said that I needed to remove him from the pack before I could add them as members of the troop but when I did that he disappeared altogether. Any advice?


Generally, our process has been to make sure that the scouts have all of their advancement/awards marked Leader Approved and Awarded, then add the membership in the troop, remove all pack-level “non-Admin, non-Parent” connections, and after the troop approves the membership, end the pack membership.

To recover the scout so you can finish the “Scoutbook” portion of the transfer, try the instructions here:

ETA: Don’t forget to remind the scout’s parents that they need to complete an actual scout application for the transfer, since just moving a scout in Scoutbook doesn’t cause a transfer in the BSA membership system. Make sure that they include the BSA ID, name, address and parent email that are in Scoutbook to minimize chances of creating a second account for the scout, the parent, or both. They should check the box on the scout application indicating a transfer application so that the registrar knows they’re dealing with an existing scout changing units rather than a new scout.

@JasonLabhart1 - could you check your personal connections and see if the scout is still listed there ? I gather it was just an end date on the pack membership ?

Yes, that is correct. I changed the pack membership date to a date in the past (when he crossed).

Where do I check personal connections?

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections

Look for the scout’s name in the (probably long) list there. If the scout is there, you can likely remove the end date of the pack membership and he should show back up in the pack roster.

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He’s not on that list. Crazy because there are so many scouts that are no longer with the pack that are there.

are you troop admin? Do you know the BSA #? You could use Transfer Tool in Troop Roster

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I was able to use the “connect to your scout” link and using his member ID, I got him reconnected and was able to update his membership to the troop. Thanks for the help! I have one more to do, hopefully I can do it right the second time and not lose him!

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Stay on the Scout’s Membership page when you end the pack membership and add the troop membership.

You can also add another Troop Admin as a connection with Full Control before making the changes to the memberships…

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This is by far the easiest way to do it.

If this is not done the Scout’s unit membership in Scoutbook will be ended in 90 days from the listed start date automatically.

A side note: The name of BSAs flagship program of “Boy Scouts” was charged to “Scouts BSA” on February 1st of 2019.

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