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How to contact BSA council office for assistance

Forgot my boys’s member ID, and need to login their scout account to continue their Eagle Trail, please help for recover their member id, merit badge blue cards, and their rank cards.


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What council are you in?

BSA council , thx a lot!

@JuliaZhang - well there are many BSA Councils. Help up help you with a bit more info.

What state do you live in?

We are in CA, Los Gatos

I think this is y’all:

and this would be the council/district contact info page:

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@JuliaZhang your sons are no longer registered in a unit - you need to talk to Troop 2 to figure it out - it looks like they were left off the charter

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Yes, they dropped off from Troop 2 in Dec, and troop2 leader told me to contact BSA so they could resume their scout, they can not access their records. Please help to see if you could reactive their accounts so they could back on their Eagle Trail?

@JuliaZhang you have to register them - there is nothing we can do - talk to the council to register them

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If I register them again, how can they recover their member id, merit badge blue cards, and their rank cards…

The Member ID is part of registration and is simple to handle - Blue Cards and rank cards are more of a unit question - if they have already been given to your Scouts and they lost them they need to talk to unit leaders.

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why can not you reactive their accounts so they could have their records back and move on? the local unit told me BSA should have their stuff.

you cannot see their items in Scoutbook because they are not in a unit - you simply have to register the Scouts officially then you will see it again in Scoutbook

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The folks who are on this discussion group are not the relevant folks who can re-register your scouts. That has to be done by the local council. If you note that your youth are previously scouts in that council, and with which unit, the council registrar should be able to locate their records.

got it, so I should register them again and contact local unit leader, the unit leader you meant is Silicon Valley Boys Scout or the troop my sons used to belonged?

So, there are several steps here:

  1. Fill out a new scout application for each scout and indicate on the bottom (right side?) of the application that the scout was previously registered. There’s a spot there for the scout’s existing BSA ID, but if you don’t know it, I would handwrite the troop number there. Also make sure that your name and email address on the parent portion of the scout application match what you see in your current Scoutbook account so that they don’t create a new Scoutbook account for you either.
  2. Turn that application in to your scoutmaster or the relevant committee person in your unit to have them approve the membership on the troop end.
  3. They will turn that application in to the council registrar (or they may ask you to do it), but it needs the troop signatures before it is sent to the registrar.
  4. The registrar should see that these are existing scouts, and try to match the full names, birthdates and (possibly) address to locate the existing records in the system, so that they retain their existing BSA ID.
  5. Once the registrar processes the renewal applications, the scouts should show up in the troop’s official roster at my.scouting.org.
  6. A day or two after they appear in the official roster at my.scouting.org, they should reappear in the Scoutbook roster, and you should see them and their advancements again.

If, after they are reconnected to the troop, you aren’t seeing their advancements, it may indicate that some part of the process broke down, and new Scoutbook accounts were created. If that occurs, the folks here on the boards might be able to help you diagnose the problem and recommend a solution path.


M’s BSA # = 132851271
D’s BSA # = 135193724

These are the Member IDs


They have to be registered with a troop to “move on”.

@JuliaZhang - it is BEYOND IMPORTANT THAT THESE BSA ID’S be used to re-register your scouts