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How to correct a parent email address

I put in a parent email address incorrectly, when I try to change it, it said the email already exist. I don’t see it anywhere else. The parent has not accepted yet.

it is probably attached to a scout - send email to with all the details and what you need done

I had cousins fill out paper applications. The moms are sisters. Each Scout’s own mother’s name was on the application. However, the email address was the same on both applications.

When I added the second Scout’s parent, Scoutbook changed the second mother’s name to the first mother’s name. There was no way to add the second mother, because she had the same email address as the first mother.

Of course, the email address belonged to the second mother. There was no way to change her name. There was no way to delete the parent of the first Scout which had the aunt’s email address and the mother’s name.

To solve the problem, I deleted both Scouts. I set them up again, adding the second Scout first with the correct mother and her email address connected. Then I added the first Scout with no parent. Both are Wolves, so there is no adult partner. When I get the other email address, I’ll add the other mom.

You may be able to solve your problem by deleting the Scout and starting over.

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